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Julie Smith - Facial Fitness Practitioner

A new series of exercises, pioneered by Kensington practitioner Eva Fraser, is available right here in Lincolnshire.

Julie Smith is now offering to educate local women (and men!) with one-to-one lessons in how to work facial muscles to lift and tighten skin.

“I’m really looking forward to passing on Eva’s wonderful exercise programme,” says Julie. “I’m hoping to give others the same sense of well-being that it’s given me. I’ve always tried to follow a healthy lifestyle with

exercise and nutritious food being really important to my family. I was part of an ‘outstanding’ school senior leadership team and mum to two daughters, both in their 20s.”

“Then, out of the blue, I found myself witha severe food intolerance which caused dramatic weight loss within weeks, but also a more harmful psychological impact with the loss of confidence.”

“I spent time extensively researching different treatments and therapies, searching for something to help. I first found Eva on the TV programme This Morning and her feature gave me hope. The method and technique of facial fitness was just what I was looking for. I was so impressed with her... And who wouldn’t be?”

“I booked a course with her and the whole experience was so much more than I could have expected, with the atmosphere of the session putting me completely at ease.”

“Eva has a real zest for life and made the tuition - using muscle strengthening exercises to prevent the skin from sagging - uplifting in more ways than one. Eva passed on her zeal and empowerment to me, so it was a real privilege when I was invited to train as one of just 16 Eva Fraser practitioners in the world.”

“I’m now able to welcome clients from across the East of England into my bespoke studio near Boston to experience the transformative power of facial fitness. My motto is ‘don’t let age control your life, let life control your age,’ and it’s perfect for any age, and for men, too.

It really is never too late to start!”

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